Friday, October 9, 2009

Jeffrey Confidence

So far, we've escaped the imaginary friend thing--Aiden has had a few bouts of temporary friends that will pop in for a visit for a day or so, but none of them have ever lasted for very long. Until this week, that is. A few days ago, I was mopping the kitchen floor after Freckles had pooped all over it (ugh, she never does this, but I guess I had slept through her 'requests' to be let outside through the night and so I awoke to poop scattered across my kitchen floor. Thank goodness she just used the tile). Aiden was hounding me to play with him, but since I was busy mopping, I told him to go entertain himself. Next thing I know, he is standing next to the kitchen and introducing me to his new friend, Jeffrey Confidence. The girl.

Apparently, Jeffrey hails from California, where she grows lemon trees. She is 5 1/2, but she has her driver's license already and takes Aiden on car rides around town when I'm not looking. Jeffrey plays soccer and goes to high school, and she is staying with us for "40 nine-hundred days." Aiden can't tell me what Jeffrey looks like, but she is only a little taller than Aiden, and she has curly hair. She lets him beat her up in play-fighting, and she wrestles with Aiden, but he always wins--she just isn't as strong as he is. Oh, and she has a brother--named Burgania.

Jeffrey has a few likes and dislikes--she likes chicken, but hates brussel sprouts and eating her vegetables (which is why she is so weak). She is planning on taking Aiden to California with her when she is bigger. And she shares Aiden's bed at night, so I have to not crowd her when I'm rubbing his back at bedtime.

Who knows how long Jeffrey will stick around. But for now, I'm glad Aiden has a friend he can wrestle and fight and explore the world with.


Tabi said...

This cracks me up!! My oldest had an imaginary friend named Boo for a very long time!! Brings back some funny memories!

Newcomer here! Love you blog!

Becky said...

That is too wonderful!

The Lashers said...

You better not let Stella read this, she's going to be jealous...especially considering Jeffrey sleeps in his bed.

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