Thursday, November 5, 2009

Disney World, Monday

For our final day in Florida, we packed up all of our suitcases (no easy feat) and sent them off to the airport, then took the shuttle over to Winter Summerland, one of the miniature golf courses on the Disney resort. Since our flight wasn't until late that day, we decided to fill our morning with some fun mini-golf.

The course is designed to resemble Santa's vacation home in both winter and summer. You can choose the summer or winter course--we had time, so we played both. The holes are all fun themed, in typical Disney fashion, and many of them had moving elements or fun challenges, such as ramps, characters that pop up when you shoot your ball beneath them, even some things that squirted you with water upon making your shot. We enjoyed our games and had a great time.

After, we took the shuttle back to the hotel, grabbed a quick lunch at the Express Cafe, then grabbed our carry-on bags and headed to the airport. Since Aubrey was so cranky and fussy, I dosed her with Benadryl just before our flight (I know, many would disapprove, but my pediatrician actually recommended it to me, so you can stop judging me now, thank you). She slept the entire flight, while Aiden watched movies and ate snacks. We stopped in Memphis, grabbing dinner during our layover, and then it was a short flight to Dallas. By the time we collected all of our luggage, took the shuttle to our car, and drove home, it was midnight, which made for quite a long day, but both kid were so great. It was a long trip, full of fun and great memories. So much work went into planning the trip, and it wasn't the most relaxing vacation I've been on, but Brad and I had more fun with our children and family and friends. It will be a trip we'll never forget.

Where are the pictures, you ask? I'm trying to sort through them all--we took HUNDREDS! I'll post a slideshow of the best ones soon, I promise!

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Becky said...

You will love scrapbooking this trip! We took the kids last year and I think the album is my most favorite one of all. I'll try to remember to bring it at Christmas to show you.

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