Saturday, October 31, 2009

Disney World, Saturday. Happy Halloween!

We started off our day at Hollywood Studios, getting admitted early for extra magic hours, so we headed straight for the newest ride, "Toy Story Mania." What a fun ride! The entire queue area is themed like Andy's bedroom from Toy Story, and Mr. Potato Head even entertained you with an interactive comedy routine while you wait in line. The ride is 3D--you jump in a car, which takes you through a maze of movie screens that play a serious of 3D features that are basically arcade games. You have in front of you a little cannon that has a pull-string "trigger" that shoots virtual 3D balls, hoops, and darts at the 'games' on the screen. The game keeps score, with 2 people competing for the highest score in each car. It is so fun--Aiden loved it, and Brad and I had a blast, too. We waited about 15 minutes to ride when it first opened, and by the time we had ridden, the wait time was up to 50 minutes! We grabbed some Fast Passes and headed off to ride some other things while we waited for our ride time.

First stop, a return trip to Star Tours, one of Aiden's favorites. Afterwards, we caught the Jedi Training Academy show, where we watched as a Jedi taught us some moves and a few lucky kids got to try them out against a real Darth Vader. Then we headed to meet the Power Rangers. Aiden got 4 of the 5 Power Rangers' autographs and pictures with each before the headed off on a mission. While we were waiting to meet them, though, I noticed Aubrey had spiked a fever. She had been acting a little fussy all morning, and suddenly she was burning up. Scott and Livy offered to take her back to the hotel for some Motrin and a nap so Brad and I could stay with Aiden at the park, so we split up.

After meeting the Power Rangers, we took Aiden on the Backlot Tour, where he was freaked out by the giant rush of water and exploding gas tanker truck, but impressed once he realized it was all pretend. On our way out, we noticed that Mike from Monsters, Inc. was out for pics and autographs, so Aiden headed over to meet him. We had just a little time left before our ride time for Toy Story Mania, so we went to grab some lunch, then it was back to playing arcade games with Buzz and Woody. We still had Gran and Gramps' fast passes, we we got to ride twice in a row. When we got off the ride, Aiden got to meet Buzz and Woody and add their autographs to his book, then it was time to head out to grab our shuttle back to the hotel.

Aiden grabbed a nap, Aubrey continued to sleep the afternoon away, and then it was time to get ready for trick-or-treating at Downtown Disney. Since it was too hot for Aubrey to wear her costume with her fever, we dressed her in her Halloween onesie, put Aiden in his ninja costume, and Brad and I donned our costumes as well: Brad a ninja, like Aiden, and I dressed as a ladybug. (I was supposed to match Aubrey, but that didn't work out!)

At Downtown Disney, we headed to T-Rex for dinner. Similar to the Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex is a restaurant where you dine among animatronic dinosaurs that come to life, roaring and grazing on grass. There's even a meteor shower every 15 minutes or so. Aunt Cathy and Uncle Wayne, who had a business conference in Orlando, joined us for dinner that night as well. Since we were such a large party, they split us into 2 tables: Aubrey, Vivian, Jason, Emily, Brad and I at one table; Cathy, Wayne, Stella, Aiden, Gran and Gramps one table over. Stella and Aiden entertained everyone--Stella sang her rendition of Ariel's "Part of that World" song from the movie, even combing her hair with a fork like Ariel. Gramps kept encouraging her, even joining in and singing along at one point. Cinderella and the ninja (a.k.a. Stella and Aiden) even slow-danced at one point, which prompted a chorus of "Awwwww!" from all of us. Stella insisted that Aiden was her prince and even made him help her with her slipper--too cute!

At our table, things weren't quite as lovely, however. Aubrey's fever returned and she was miserable. She fell asleep at one point--just in time for one of those meteor showers to wake her up! She started crying and whining, so Brad and I and Cathy and Wayne jumped on the shuttle and headed back to the hotel to get Aubrey in bed while Cathy and Wayne headed to a drug store in their rental car to replenish our dwindling supply of infant Motrin.

Emily, Jason, Gran and Gramps took Aiden and Stella trick-or-treating, or rather, they attempted to. The free candy had brought all of the crazies out, and they decided to get the kiddos back to the hotel once they saw the long lines at the candy stops that were filled with ultra-scary and highly inappropriate (read: slutty) costumes. Brad and I put Aubrey to bed, then packaged candy purchased from the hotel store into baggies and hid it around our floor of the hotel, so when the kiddos returned, they got to go on a candy hunt. It wasn't your traditional Halloween, but it was fun for those two--just getting to hang out together and run wild was enough to make them happy!

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