Sunday, November 1, 2009

Disney World, Sunday

Our last day at the parks was bittersweet. We wanted to cram so much in to that one day, and still enjoy our last day with the Foxes before we all had to go back home. We decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom to ride all of our favorites: Buzz Lightyear, Pooh, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountian Railroad, Splash Mountain (even Aiden rode again, though he wasn't thrilled), and Pirates of the Caribbean. Aiden and Stella rode almost everything side-by-side, Aiden even holding Stella's hand to protect her during Pirates of the Caribbean. The two were inseparable, alternating between fighting like cats and dogs one minute and telling each other "I love you!" the next. Those two--they are so cute together, but it is definitely a love-hate relationship at times! It was a bit of a chaotic day--Aubrey and Vivian both had diaper blow-outs, Aiden had his one and only "accident" of the week (on the one day I didn't pack extra clothes for either, so we were washing his out in the sink and Aubrey got a Disney onesie for a souvenir). And because we were short on time, we decided to forgo taking a nap break. Yikes! Both babies slept in their strollers, but there were some cranky moments, for sure.

After hitting out favorites at Magic Kingdom, we headed over to EPCOT so the Foxes could ride Soarin'. Stella decided she needed to say goodbye to Mickey Mouse, so she headed for a character greeting spot, while Aiden went with Cathy and Wayne on Nemo, Brad ran to get Fast Passes, and I booked it over to pick-up a Kimmunicator for Aiden's Kim Possible Adventure. When we all met back up, we had to part ways with the Foxes and say our farewells--they were headed to a hotel next to the airport, since they had an extremely early flight home the next morning. That was definitely the low point of the day--we had such a wonderful time with our friends, we hated to say goodbye. Aiden and Stella gave each other a squeeze--Aiden was very sad to see his girlfriend go. And there were tears in my eyes as I hugged J and Emily goodbye--I think the Parker Pack will be making a trip out to Kentucky soon!

After we split up, our pack plus Cathy and Wayne headed over to the World Showcase to start Aiden's Kim Possible mission. If you aren't familiar with it, Kim Possible is a cartoon featuring a teen girl who is a secret agent. Aiden loves the cartoon, so I knew he would really enjoy the adventure. Basically, you sign up and are given a Kimmunicator, which is a fancy cell phone that has been tweaked to play movies and send you on a mission throughout the park. We started our mission in the UK, and our Kimmunicator sent us exploring the shops and streets of the UK section of the park. Throughout the mission, we would follow clues, and our Kimmunicator even triggered items in the park, like statues or display cases, to come to life, revealing more clues. It was so cool how it was created--seeming innocuous items in the park that most visitors would never even notice were all part of the adventure. Aiden had such a blast playing--we completed three of the 7 total missions that are loaded on the device, and had Aubrey not been so exhausted and cranky, we would have loved to have done them all.

While we explored the various countries of our mission, we also sampled food and snacked our way through a few countries. We enjoyed beers from Dublin and cider from the UK, Irish cheddar with brown bread and apple chutney, fish and chips from the UK, and pastries from France for dessert.

I even managed to squeeze in a little souvenir shopping while Cathy and Wayne took Aiden for a few last rides. Brad got a hat that said "I'm Grumpy because you're Dopey" and I got the cutest bag that had a damask pattern with hidden Mickey Mouse ears--unless you really look, you don't even notice that it is Mickey ears, just looks like a really cute bag. We also picked up a few items for friends and a Christmas ornament for our tree, then it was back to the hotel. It was a fun evening and a great finish to our days in the parks.

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