Monday, January 25, 2010

Want to know where all my money goes these days?

I swear, I'm either here or at The Home Depot 3 or 4 days a week. Brad and I are scrambling to complete several projects before we put our house on the market, so we are tackling some new home improvement project daily.
So far, we have installed new faucets in both bathrooms, (which meant having to re-rout the air-condition condensation line in order to accommodate the new drain stopper in one bathroom), re-caulked both bathrooms, repainted and updated the decor in the kids' bathroom to make it "all grown up," and repaired sheet rock in the garage ceiling.
Next up: bleaching and staining the grout in both bathrooms to a taupe color (white grout plus 2 kids = a recipe for disaster), busting out 4 tiles in the kitchen floor that are cracked and replacing them, then re-grouting around them; painting the trim and walls in our master bathroom and replacing the tub faucet handles and spout; framing the mirrors in both bathrooms; repainting the guest bedroom; touching up paint throughout the entire house; bringing in soil and sod to fill the low spot in the yard at the corner of the house; cleaning out the vegetable garden and re-planting; re-painting the window trim on the exterior of the house; repairing some mortar in a couple of spots outside; and repainting the firebox in the fireplace (it is looking shabby). Just a few projects, huh? If that was long to read, just imagine how it must feel echoing in your head as a never-ending to-do list each day!
Brad and I are both so obsessed with trying to get it all done. I find myself dreaming of paint colors and grouting at night, and I thought I was going to have to stage an intervention last night with Brad and the caulk gun--I caught him caulking every surface imaginable in the house. Even the kids are starting to get tired of the DIY bug--the cool, car-like shopping carts at Lowe's are only entertaining for so long!
The worst part of all of this? These are things that have been on our to-do list for 3 years,since we moved into this house, but we've been too busy to complete them. Now, we are shelling out the bucks and the time to do it all FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO ENJOY! Grrr....
Hopefully we will through with all of this stuff soon. And when we are, I'm heading for a manicure!


Becky said...

Getting a house ready to sell is really miserable. It's all the things on the 'honey-do' list that you wanted to do when it was still going to be your house!

The Lashers said...

Will work for free. Let me know when and how I can help.

Katie said...

oh yes! We've been there....I think everyone who worked at Home Depot would wave at the kids and I when we walked through (which was, as you mention, almost daily when we were doing what you're doing now). I knew most of their life stories! Best of Luck! This will pass :)

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