Friday, February 19, 2010

Aubrey 15 months

Time is flying, it seems. I looked at the calendar and couldn't believe that today Aubrey turns 15 months. As busy as we are, I don't ever seem to have the time to scrapbook, I barely manage to break out the camera these days, and the idea of a baby book is laughable, so here are 15 things about our beautiful gal, to be recorded for posterity on our family blog.

1. Aubrey says quite a few words these days. The usual Mama, Daddy, Bubba, plus "Bubun" (for her lovey, Bunny-bun), up, please, no, nana (for banana, her favorite fruit), uh-oh, bites, nus (for nurse), dodi (for doggy), hot, kak-ku (thank you), and titu (tickle).

2. Her favorite book is "Blue Hat, Green Hat" by Sandra Boynton. She wants to read it every night. In the book, there is a silly turkey that puts his clothes on wrong every time, and in our house, when we point to the turkey, we tickle Aubrey and say "Gobble, gobble, gobble!" Now, Aubrey reads the book to us, babbling when pointing to the words, then pointing at the turkey and saying "Titu" (tickle) and giggling. SO CUTE!

3. Aubrey is being clingy right now. When in public, if you try to put her down, her legs turn to jello, she slithers down to the floor, and becomes a puddle of tantrum on the floor. FUN!

4. She just recently discovered the joy of ketchup. Lately, she hasn't wanted to eat meat, so one day I pulled out the ketchup, and now she'll eat anything I smear it on.

5. Aubrey likes to pretend to play Wii. Whenever Aiden plays, she runs to the TV console, pulls open the drawer, grabs a controller and nunchuk, and points them at the screen and jumps around, just like her brother.

6. I have to keep the pantry door closed at all times--Aubrey has figured out that the food lives in there, and she likes to go in and help herself to a snack. Here she is after I caught her up to her elbows in pretzels. She actually ripped the bag apart to get to them!

7. Aubrey likes to sleep late, when I let her. She'll go to bed at 8:00 at night and not get up until 10 the next morning, if it isn't a 'school' day! That's my girl!

8. Aubrey has perfected the art of the hug--she gives the best squeezes around my neck and the sweetest kisses, complete with a "Muah" sound effect.

9. My girl is a flirt already--she loves to wink at boys, although she still winks with both eyes. But she knows just when to turn on the charm!

10. Aubrey is a vegetarian in the making--she'll pick green vegetables over anything else on her plate any day. And if she doesn't like a particular food, she actually puts her hand over her eyes, with the palm out, like some bad actress pretending to faint, closes her eyes, and won't even look at the food. So dramatic.

11. Our princess isn't shy about telling you when she's tired. One minute she'll be playing, the next, I'll look over and she's laying face down with her thumb in her mouth and her head on something soft. Heck, one day, she came into the kitchen where I was chopping veggies and laid her head on my foot!!

12. The girl is not a pushover! She may be little, but she isn't afraid to tell you how she feels with a loud grunt or wail, and should her brother try to take a toy away, she has a death grip that most professional wrestlers would be jealous of. She's even been known to whack her brother in the face for trying to take her snack away.

13. Aubrey is a steadfast thumb sucker. I don't know how we'll ever break her of it. I tell her "Thumb out!" and she'll pull it out, then smile wickedly at me, put it back in, and then pull it out again, just toying with me. She even waves goodbye to people with her thumb in her mouth, and the 4 other fingers on her hand wiggling. So funny.

14. This dainty little thing, whose weight lies firmly in the 20th percentile of the growth charts, eats twice as much as her 5-year-old brother at every meal. No exaggeration.

15. She is a dramatic, stubborn little imp, but she is so sweet and so cute, and I love to watch those baby blues of hers just light up with joy.

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Becky said...

She is such a cutie!

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