Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Eggstravaganza!

Today was the annual Easter egg hunt at our church, Eggstravaganza. What a fun afternoon we had! We started the day with a great church service, then met up with our friends, grabbed the picnic lunch I had packed, and headed outside. We spread a blanket on the lawn and shared lunch with our close friends: Angie and Greg Fisher and their son, Bradley, who is one of Aiden's best friends, and Brooke and Will Lasher, a visiting Aunt or theirs, and Breckin, their son, who is close to Aubrey's age. Then we grabbed our baskets and headed to the Easter egg hunts.

Aubrey's age group was the first to hunt for eggs. Being Aubrey's first egg hunt, it took her a moment to get accustomed to the idea. When the hunt first began, she found a shiny yellow egg for her basket, and was content to just put that egg in her basket, then take it, then put it back. This kept her occupied for several minutes--until her brother, who was impatiently standing beside her and saying, "Aubrey! Get the eggs! They'll all be gone if you don't hurry! AUBREY!! COME ONE!!" finally persuaded her to move on. After that, she began to get the idea of hunting for eggs, and was lugged her basket behind her, filling it with treats. She refused to allow anyone to help her, and threw a gigantic fit when I dared to pick her up after the hunt was over. For the rest of the day, she delighted in dragging her basket behind her, dumping it every few minutes, but resolutely refusing any assistance in carrying it or picking up the spilled eggs.

Next, Aiden's age group got to hunt for eggs. There were thousands of eggs, and Aiden was so overwhelmed, he couldn't get the eggs in fast enough. He filled his basket, climbing on the playground for eggs and hunting above and below for the occasional hidden eggs, which he preferred to find over those that were obviously laying on the ground. By the end of the hunt, he had a basket full of treats.

After the hunts, we headed back to our picnic blanket to enjoy dessert, where Aubrey stuffed her face with a cupcake and covered herself in frosting. Then it was off to enjoy the games and attractions. Aiden and Bradley tackled the giant inflatable slide, going down again and again. We even got Aubrey, who LOVES to slide, on there once, but it was a bit too fast for her taste. We took her over to the bouncy house, instead, where she played with one of her friends, Addison. After hours of playing, we packed the kiddos up and headed home to tuck them into bed for a nap.

It was a wonderful afternoon, but it was a bit bittersweet. This year, we were forced to attend without Stella and the rest of the Fox gang. In years past, Aiden and Stellie were inseparable during this event. Aiden even asked if Stella was coming this year, and we had to explain, once again, that Kentucky is too far away for Stella to come for events like this. I think we're going to have to reunite those two pretty soon. But even without the Fox gang to join us, we still managed to have a great day with friends and family. Here are some pics of our day. (And yes, Aubrey does have a black eye--our clumsy little gal fell at the playground the other day.)

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Becky said...

You had a beautiful day for an egg hunt. I hope ours is as nice this coming Sunday.

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