Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Aiden and Aubrey have developed a love/hate relationship. One minute, they are fighting over a toy, Aiden yanking it from Aubrey, and Aubrey whacking her brother in the face to retaliate. And the next, they are playing together and loving on one another.

Recently, Aiden has requested that Aubrey join him on his bed to watch TV together after school. I put her up on the bed, prop her up with pillows, and they watch Backyardigans together. Aiden thinks it is so cool to have her there with him--he'll even pull out his beloved Leapster and let her play with him. It is so cute to watch their relationship grow as Aubrey gets older and more able to interact and play with Aiden.


Becky said...

Cherish these moments, my friend.

The Navy Wife said...

That's so funny, Lillian loves to play with Addison leapster even though she's not really playing it! She's getting SO big!

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