Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Aiden! (Quite belated)

So, I'm just a little behind on my blogging, huh? Aiden's birthday, which was January 16th, has yet to make it onto the blog. Shame on me! We've been so busy with home improvement projects to get the house ready to sell, and then trying to keep it clean and oranized with two tiny tornadoes living in it, that I haven't been very diligent about blogging. Better late than never, I suppose.

Aiden's birthday bash was a pirate-themed affair this year. I bravely held it at our house, and thankfully, the weather cooperated and allowed us to do some of the activities outside. When Aiden's friends arrived (there were 9 boys in attendance), we started of the pirate fun by painting pirate treasure maps using stamps and brushes. After recording the location of their treasure for posterty, they lined up for some pirate-ship ring toss. After winning some pirate gold for their pockets, we opened the treasure chest and outfitted them all in pirate garb. Each boy was given a pirate hat, a bandana, a hook, a sword, an eye-patch, a mustache, and tattoos. Then we headed outdoors for some swashbuckling fun.

There were all sorts of pirate challenges--digging through sand for treasure, practicing our sword-handling skills by passing a ring back and forth using swords. After running out some energy, we went inside to make a pirate necklace or bracelet with skull beads and colorful beads and stones. Then we headed to the table, where we tried to hook pretzels "one-handed" using only our pirate hooks. Wings, chips, raw veggies and dip were washed down with pirate punch. Aiden cut into his pirate flag-shaped cake, then we sent the boys outside for some pirate play. Surprisingly, despite the fact that they were armed with plastic swords and hyped up on sugar, we had only one injury--sand in a pirate's eye. Afterwards, they came inside to open gifts and play with Aiden's new toys and games.

Most of the party guests moseyed along after a couple of hours, but our close friends and family stuck around for a while--we talked, played Aiden's new Wii games, and just enjoyed each other's company. Aiden had a fabulous birthday, one that he will definitely remember.


Such concentration! Perfecting those swashbuckling skills.

What a wild bunch of pirates!

Painting pirate treasure maps.

Hmmm, now where did I bury that treasure? X marks the spot!

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Becky said...

The picture of the boys in all their pirate garb is adorable. I always wanted to do a pirate party for Quinn, but he had other ideas.

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