Monday, March 1, 2010

Monsters, Monsters Everywhere!

Aubrey has become obsessed with the Cookie Monster recently. I'm not sure what grabbed her about him, but everytime she sees a picture of Cookie Monster, she makes this adorable little growling noise, trying to imitate the monster's "COOKIE!" growl. At diaper changing time, she has to pull out all of the diapers in the caddy on her changing table until she finds one with Cookie Monster's picture on it, and then she growls at him. And she has a toy that has all of the Sesame Street characters on it--but she only pushes the button that makes Cookie Monster speak and loves to imitate him.

Well, this morning, the love affair with Cookie Monster reached a whole new, hilarious, level. Aubrey was sitting in her booster seat, eating her breakfast, when she let out the loudest, longest, growly-sounding fart. I turned to look at her in surprise: "Baby girl! Whoa!" and she looked at me and made her Cookie Monster growl. At that point, I bust out laughing. I'm not sure if she thinks Cookie Monster had crawled up her butt, or if she was just trying to blame her toot on the blue furry guy, but whatever her thought process, it was too funny that she would connect her rumbling, growling fart with the Cookie Monster, of all things.

Kids--you gotta love the way their minds work!

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Becky said...

I totally love it!

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