Monday, March 29, 2010


When Aiden was a baby, I had very long hair, and each night at bedtime, he would rub a lock of my hair against his cheek. But when he was about a year old, I got tired of taking care of the long locks, and I cut them off to shoulder length. That first night, Aiden reached up, searching for my hair, but couldn't find it! After a few nights of frustration, though, Aiden learned a new soothing technique--he began twirling his own hair.

To this day, I can always tell when Aiden is tired, his hand absent-mindedly creeping up to his hair, his fingers twirling away. Last summer, on a late evening of playing outside, I even caught him trying to twirl his hair through his bike helmet--his fingers moving away on the top of his helmet, even though his hair was unavailable at the moment. Last week, we caught him trying to twirl through his baseball hat during practice. And just yesterday, while enjoying the Easter festivities at church, we snapped this picture of him twirling his hair while waiting in line to ride the giant slide.

I dread the day when he grows out of this adorable habit--it will mean my little boy is all grown up.


Becky said...

That is so sweet. My kids are blankee babies, so they rub their blankets on their cheeks when they get tired...even to this day, Quinn and Ashton both still sleep their 'blankees'.

Gran said...

That dreaded day may never come-his Uncle Warren still twirls his hair and he's 24!

The Fox Family said...

Jason is 30... still twirls his hair and is now starting to have thin hair in that spot! I think twirling got him through seminary.

PS- Love Aiden's shirt, if Stella were there they would match for Easter!

Katie said...

My red head daughter twirls her hair too.

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