Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Springtime in Texas means carefully selecting some clothes, downing allergy medicine, and heading out to a field for pictures in one of the many patches of bluebonnets that spring up this time of year. Today was a beautiful, sunny day, so I grabbed the kids and took them over to a patch for some pics this afternoon.  I shamelessly bribed Aiden with promises of a stop at Sonic if he would cooperate, which guaranteed good behavior--since I don't take the bribery track to often, he takes advantage of it when it is presented!  Too bad Aubrey is too young to bribe--she was the difficult one during this photo op.

After about 300 pics (no joke), these are what I got.  It took setting off the van's panic alarm to get Aubrey to look up at me--I swear, she knows when I'm trying to take her picture, she resolutely looks at the ground every time the camera comes out and ignores every silly sound/face/call of her name that I make. She was fascinated by the flowers, though. She kept picking wildflowers, then putting them in the palm of her hand and pointing to them with her other hand, saying "Flower! Flower!"

Aiden was more than willing to sit and smile for his pics--he even wanted to take some "fashion show pictures" and model for me.  He channeled his inner Tyra Banks, I called out things like "Work it!  Smile with your eyes!" and he thought he was a fashion model.  I have to admit, the end result was pretty awesome, but his Daddy is a bit mortified by it all.

Here are the pics: 

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Becky said...

I have got to get to TX to take pictures of the bluebonnets!

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