Saturday, April 3, 2010

Conversations with Aiden

Tonight, I have the kids in the bathtub, getting ready for bed.  Aubrey is splashing around like a seal, Aiden is playing with toys, when I see a bunch of bubbles rise to the surface of the water.  Aiden gets this embarrased look on his face and says, "Mama, I blew the bunny."  I burst out laughing.

You see, in Brad's family, "shooting the bunny" is slang for tooting. Aiden mixed his metaphors a little, as you can see.  But the worst part is, the dirty mind I have, I just had to call Brad in the bathroom, make Aiden repeat it, then say, "You can bet the Easter Bunny will be visiting Aiden this year!"


This evening, at the park, Aiden was picking out some rocks to add to his extensive collection. He couldn't choose, so Brad and I hear Aiden say this:

"Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo,
Patcha, patcha, patcha, po,
I pick YOU!"

This must be the newfangled, politically correct version of that nursery rhyme, unlike the very un-PC one we were taught as kids. Too cute, though!

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