Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Today was crazy hair day at Aiden's school.  Of course, he had to have a fauxhawk.  The child LOVES his fauxhawk! You'd think he'd want to do something else, since fauxhawks are pretty run-of-the-mill in this household.  We tried to talk him into liberty spikes or just standing it all up on end, but no, he insisted it had to be a "mohawk."

Funny thing, Aiden and Brad woke up before me this morning, and when I got out of bed, I looked in on Aiden, whose hair was standing up everywhere.  "Did you do your hair already?" I asked.  "NO, mama, that's just from me twirling my hair!  This isn't fixed!" he replied, indignant.  "Looks pretty crazy to me, you should just leave it like that," I replied, but he refused, and insisted that daddy give him a mohawk.  Here's the final product:

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