Saturday, April 24, 2010

Date Night

Wednesday night, Aiden and I went on our first dinner date.  This is something we've been talking about doing for a while, but things have been so hectic, we kept putting it off. That morning, Aiden mentioned that we needed to go on our date, and so I called Brad and made arrangements for him to be home with Aubrey.  Aiden and I got cleaned up and dressed in date clothes, then headed to Uncle Julio's for dinner.  This was Aiden's choice--he loves to go to Uncle J's.

On the drive over to the restaurant, Aiden told me we were going to pretend to be husband and wife for the evening.  I was instructed to call him "dear" and he would call me "honey."  For the entire car ride over, he insisted that I use the term of endearment for him, and if I forgot, he was quick to remind me.  He made small talk in the car, asking me "How was your day, honey?" It was too cute, to see my marriage to Brad played out with this miniature version of my husband!

When we arrived, Aiden marched up to the hostess station and, with a little help, informed them that we wanted a table for 2 for the patio. The hostesses, a pack of twenty-something girls, all cooed and fluttered about Aiden, proclaiming him to be such a cute young guy.  (I have to agree!)  Once we were seated, he ordered a "kid margarita, with salt, please" from the waiter--who looked at me with wide eyes. I explained that he would like just a glass of sweet and sour, with a splash of sprite, but with a salted rim. The guy asked me if I wanted it in a margarita glass, and I quickly declined and told him just to put it in the plastic kid cup--I really didn't need a restaurant full of people watching me allow my five-year-old to drink what looked like a real margarita, complete with salted rim, out of a glass.  Could you imagine the reaction??  I get old ladies lecturing me when I allow Aiden to wear flip-flops in the winter--if they thought I was letting him drink booze, I'd probably have a mob on my hands!

Anyway, while we waited for our dinner, Aiden and I vistited the tortilla machine to watch it squash out dough rounds that magically puff up like balloons. The tortilla man gave Aiden some dough to play with while we waited, so we headed back to our table to make all sorts of shapes. When our food arrived, we enjoyed delicious quesadillas and enchiladas, then I gave Aiden the credit card and let him pay for our meal.

Afterwards, we headed over to Cold Stone for some ice cream. I had chocolate cake-batter-flavored ice cream, Aiden had a disgusting blue concoction of cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears mixed in.   Aiden got about halfway through his ice cream when I noticed he was twirling his hair like mad and "fading fast" so we headed home.  As I buckled him in, he told me "Mama, I mean, honey...I'm going to sleep in the car--I'm SO TIRED!" So before we had made it halfway home, my date was snoring in the backseat.  When we arrived home, I carried him in to bed and tucked him in.  What a wonderful, sweet date we had. Hopefully the first of many!

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Becky said...

What a sweet story...but I totally jealous! I haven't had Uncle Julio's in that place is divine.

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