Saturday, July 24, 2010

Catching Up

We have a house!  Somehow, despite still being #28 on the waitlist, we were offered a house on post last week. Apparently, every other family on the list was either stuck in a lease or didn't return the coordinator's phone calls, so we ended up getting the house. We won't be able to move in until sometime between 8/3 and 8/10, but the end of this cramped lifestyle is in sight.

I am so excited to move in to our new place. We will be only the 2nd tenants to live there. The house is a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath 2-story home, with a 2-car garage and a back yard and 2300 square feet of living space. We are so excited to move in, get our household goods delivered out of storage, and get settled once and for all.

I am also happy to announce that after years of waiting and saving and putting it off, we finally bought new living room furniture. I have been so tired of my battered and stained pale beige, pre-kids sofas. Saturday we drove down to Austin just to look and check out a few furniture stores I had looked up online. The first store we visited was moving their showroom to a new location and was selling off all of their floor models at HUGE discounts, and lucky for us, we could wait to take delivery of the items a week or two. So, for what we expecting to drop on a sofa and loveseat alone, we ended up getting a sofa, loveseat, chaise and chair and will be able to furnish both the living room and family room in new furniture. How cool is that?!

Things here have been busy. I've registered Aiden in his new school, although it is still up in the air whether he will start kindergarten or first grade. He is being tested in reading and math today and tomorrow to determine where he should be placed. I originally contacted the district about having him tested for placement in the Talented and Gifted program, but I was informed that TAG doesn't start in kindergarten until February. When we explained that Aiden had already mastered the kindergarten curriculum, they suggested testing for placement into first grade. Brad and I have our reservations about whether Aiden is mature enough for 1st grade and the long-term consequences of jumping him ahead, but we also know that an active child, like Aiden, who is bored will become a trouble-maker and may even learn to dislike school. We are torn about what to do, so we are waiting to see how he does on the testing and during the 10-day temporary placement into first grade. If you think of it, say a few prayers that God would lead Brad and I to make the right decision for Aiden.

We drove out to Houston to visit Brad's brother, Warren and his fiancee, Tara. While we were there, we took Aiden and Aubrey to check out NASA and to explore the boardwalk at Kemah. I also got my fix of Lupe Tortilla's fajitas--Lupe's is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants ever, and I hadn't been since law school.

On the Sundays we are here, we've been checking out churches and exploring the city. We were so spoiled by Firewheel, our last church, we are having a hard time finding anything remotely close in this area. But we aren't giving up--one way or another, we'll find a church we can call home. We've visited a few local attractions, too, like a cool city-owned water park that is CHEAP and happens to be located just down the street from our condo. Library story times, local parks and playgrounds--we've explored many places in an attempt to escape this tiny place we currently call home!

We've also been busy trying to settle ourselves onto this post. There are so many places to visit, forms to fill out, and lines to wait in. It has been hectic and boring, but the end is in sight. I am so looking forward to moving into our new neighborhood, where Aiden will be surrounded by other kids his age and able to make new friends. He has made a few new friends, children of friends that we knew here in the area, but I look forward to the days when he can roam our block with a pack of boys, running and laughing and having a great time.


Candy said...

Angela - I stumbled onto your blog through Laura's facebook page. Some of my best childhood memories are from living in Patton Park and going to Meadows Elementary. I spent the days with friends playing hide and seek over the entire neighborhood and roaming around post and the golf course next door. I can see from your floorplan that living conditions have greatly improved. We lived on post 1 year before moving to Harker Heights so my mom wouldn't be cramped in such a small house. But as a child, there was nothing better than living on post. Enjoy - your kids will love it.

Becky said...

I am so glad you got a house on post! That is awesome!

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