Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Conversations with Aiden

Today we went to purchase school supplies for Aiden. He is absolutely ecstatic about starting kindergarten in a few weeks. He was adorable to watch, debating which backpack to buy, discussing the merits of Buzz Lightyear vs. Spiderman. While we were shopping for him, though, I picked up a few notebooks and pens for myself. Aiden saw me and protested--"I don't want flowers on my notebook!"

"These aren't for you," I told him. "Mommy is going to start school in a few weeks, too."

"Are you going to elementary school, too?' he asked.

"No, Mommy is going to seminary."

"What's that??"

I explained, "Seminary is where grown-ups go to learn about the Bible and Jesus and how to teach other people about Jesus and the Bible."

Aiden looked thoughtful, absorbing this new info, and then turned to ask the most important question of all: "Mommy, do they have recess at Seminary?"

"No, buddy, they don't have recess at Seminary."

"That's too bad--I get recess and YOU DON'T!" he proudly exclaimed.

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Becky said...

I love "Convesations with Aiden". I can totally picture him saying these things.

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