Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The mouth of a sailor

Aubrey has got quite a mouth on her these days. Her vocabulary is growing more and more each day, but unfortunately, her ability to enunciate those words is not! We end up with quite a few funny words and situations as a result of her newfound speaking abilities. For example, at the dinner table, Aubrey spends much of the meal yelling, "FUK!" which is her way of saying 'fork'...but the other diners around us at the restaurant don't know that and think my one year old has a potty mouth! Or, when we are walking through a clothing store, Aubrey yells "SHIT" quite enthusiastically. Don't worry, she isn't shouting expletives, she's just pointing out all of the lovely shirts around her--but it does elicit a few giggles and stares. My favorite, though, is when she asks for a particular snack that she loves, dried kiwi. I'll let you hear it for yourself:

And just for fun...


Becky said...

I am absolutely laughing my a$$ off. Too freakin' funny!

The Fox Family said...

I just peed my pants.

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