Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tweet, tweet. Bzzzz, bzzzz.

Wow, do kids grow up fast! Today, while watching SYTYCD, Aiden busts out with "Those girls are dancing SAXY!" (he meant to say sexy)  And earlier today, our lunch conversation consisted of him asking me all kinds of questions. "Mommy, how does the baby get in the tummy? ... But HOW does the daddy put it in there? ... What kind of special cuddling? Can you show me?" I swear, I felt like I was traipsing through a minefield wearing clown shoes! But I think I muddled through well enough--he seemed to be satisfied with the answers I gave him, and I didn't have to go into too much detail about it all.

But what amazes me is how early this little guy has picked up on things like "sexy" and other adult themes. I don't look forward to raising teenagers in this sexually forward world, where you can see women pouring chocolate sauce over their mostly naked bodies on MTV and your sons and daughters are bombarded with nudity everywhere they look. But I never thought I'd have to explain to my 5-year-old what the word sexy means and why it isn't appropriate for him to say.


Becky said...

Special Cuddling...LOL! We've had the talk with the boy and are on the cusp of the talk with the girl. She gets pretty embarrassed by it right now, so I think I am off the hook for a little bit longer at least.

wilderlamb said...

AAHH! That conversation fills me with dread! I already had an extremely watered down version with the girls...not looking forward to the real one!

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