Friday, September 3, 2010

The Pack, divided

This past week has been a complete blur. Brad left for Fort Leavenworth, KS on Saturday for a 4-month school. Saturday was also my first day of Seminary classes in Austin. My mom and grandma came for a visit from Friday through Monday. And Aiden completed his second week of first grade.

The next four months promise to be very exhausting. Trying to take care of everything around here by myself is just overwhelming and exhausting. Between keeping the kids and the dog fed and cared for, trying to keep the house just somewhat presentable, and schoolwork, I've only managed about 4-6 hours of sleep each night. Coffee is definitely my best friend!

Brad is in KS until November 20 for an Information Operations Qualification Course--basically, he has to complete this course and do well in order to keep his new job within the Army. He attends class every day 'til about 2, then works on homework and writing assignments. He's also getting a lot of downtime, which he deserves and needs, but it is a bit difficult to not feel resentful when he's going to barbecues and parties with our good friends, who are also in Leavenworth right now, and to the gym every day, while I am back home juggling like a mad woman. I know that Brad would rather be here with me and the kids, and I do want him to enjoy his time there--he has to be there, might as well make the best of it--but I still feel very jealous, which makes me feel like a shrew of a wife and a crappy mom all at once.

On top of trying to just care for 2 kids and the house, I'm trying to take 2 seminary classes, which is just insane. One class is a once-a-month, all-day-Saturday-class in Austin. The other is online. And the two are killing me. My online class has 1-2 hours of video lectures to watch, plus several hundred pages of reading, plus at least one, usually 2, written assignments, and that is EACH WEEK! Plus I have to read the work of other online students and interact with them in the online forum. My last homework assignment took me about 4 hours to complete. And on top of that, I have hundreds of pages of reading to do for my other class. I've put Aubrey into childcare every Wednesday and Friday from 8-2:30, which helps, but I was hoping to use some of that time to take a break or just grocery shop without lugging her with me, and not spend all of it doing schoolwork! Remind me to NEVER try to take 2 classes and juggle the kids/household by myself again, OK??

So, if you don't from me for a while, then just know that I'm probably sitting in a corner, babbling incoherently about biblical study methods or Old Testament history and geography, surrounded by piles of laundry and 2 kids who are running wild. I'll get back to the blog eventually!

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