Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend in Fort Worth

Aiden has been missing his friends from church and his old school. so I decided to head north to Dallas for the weekend. We crashed at Aunt Cathy and Uncle Wayne's house, who graciously fed us, entertained us, and even babysat for me so I could get a break.

We drove up Friday afternoon, arriving in time for dinner and some playtime before bed. Saturday, Aiden and I attended the birthday party of one of his friends, Aaron, at Bounce U in Plano while Aubrey spent time with Cathy and Wayne.  After the party, I returned to pick up Aubrey and grab some swim clothes, and then we headed to visit our friends, the Lashers and the Fishers. I spent several hours chatting with our friends while all of our kids played and splashed in the pool--it was so nice to see them and spend time talking and hanging out like we used to. Aiden ended up going home with the Fishers so he could enjoy a sleepover with his buddy, Bradly, while Aubrey and I headed back to Cathy and Wayne's house.

Sunday morning, Aubrey and I met Aiden and all our friends at church, where I got to see many of my former co-workers and all of my church friends. After church, I took Aiden and Aubrey for haircuts (there are no kids salons near Killeen), and despite a small snafu (I left my wallet in my bag from the pool the day before and only had my checkbook and a jar of change), I managed to get Aiden a haircut, Aubrey a bang trim, and lunch for all of us before we headed back to Cathy and Wayne's. We all watched the movie "Furry Vengeance" after naps, and then enjoyed a short walk and trip to the playground before I headed out for dinner with Brooke. Brooke and I spent the evening talking and enjoying some kid-free time, and ended up closing the restaurant and even spending another hour talking while standing in the parking lot! There is nothing like getting to catch up with a good friend!

Monday, I decided to take the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo for the day. We arrived just after opening and spent most of the day walking and looking at all of the animals. Aiden was excited to hear the lion roar and see the prairie dogs and meerkats. Aubrey loved the elephants and giraffes. They both had to be dragged out of the Museum of Living Art, the zoo's new high-tech herpetarium and aquarium--they were both in absolute heaven watching the snakes, lizards, turtles and fish! After the zoo, we grabbed a quick frozen custard at Curly's, then headed home. Our trip back was fraught with complications--traffic jams and accidents on the freeway, but we arrived home safely yesterday evening, in time for a quick dinner, baths and bedtime.

It was a great weekend, but exhausting. Cathy and Wayne live on the opposite side of the metroplex as our friends, so I made the hour-long one-way-trek to the Wylie area 6 times in 2 days. I ended up getting a mild sinus infection following a recent allergy attack, so I had a horrible headache much of the weekend. Plus all of the walking at the zoo and bouncing at the birthday party--I was exhausted! But it was worth every bit of it--I've missed all of our wonderful friends from Wylie and am looking forward to seeing them again soon!

 Aiden and some of his buddies at the birthday party. What a rambunctious bunch!

 The plates and decorations were 3D. Of course, the kids put the glasses on and went around saying EVERYTHING was 3D! Wow! Um, yeah, your hand is 3D. You are 3D. 
How many times do I have to explain this?!


 Aiden and his buddy, Aaron. Aiden said the cutest thing when we were walking into the party: "Mommy, Aaron is so special to me. I've missed him." They had a great time playing catch-up!

 Aubrey before the haircut began--she was so excited about the car and getting to watch Dora.

 As you can see, the sentiment didn't last. No amount of Dora could make her happy about this!

 'Riding' the bronze turtle at the zoo.

 Loving the turtles--Aubrey's mouth was never closed, she was so excited!  
And Aiden swore the turtles were smiling at him. I had to pry them away from this exhibit.

 Fascinated by all the reptiles and amphibians.

 This lizard would chase Aiden along the inside of the glass. Aiden thought it was hilarious.

 Touching the snake. Even Aubrey got in on the action.

 Climbing around.

"C'mon, Mom, let me in there!!"

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