Saturday, November 13, 2010

A few Aidenisms

Aiden has been on a roll lately. He is such a spunky kid who says whatever comes to mind, which can have both disastrous and hilarious consequences. Just this morning, he pronounced a few things that made me laugh and also wonder how we skipped past the 'girls are yucky' phase and straight to the pre-teen, concerned-about-my-appearance phase.

Me: Aiden, why don't you go get dressed while I finish cooking so that after breakfast, you can go on outside and play?

Aiden: No, I'll wait. I don't want to get dirty, I want to look nice so girls will come up and talk to me.


Aiden (running inside): "Mommy, it's COLD outside.

Me (exercising great restraint to not say 'I told you so!' since I had reminded him to dress warmly just 15 minutes ago): "Why don't you take those shorts off and put some jeans on so you'll be warm."

Aiden: "No, Mom! The jeans will rub off all the leg hairs I've grown!"

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