Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween was so fun this year! We had a great weekend--Aiden and I had a movie night Friday night, staying up late to watch a spooky Scooby Doo after Aubrey went to bed. Saturday night we enjoyed a block party around the fire pits, roasting hot dogs and s'mores with all of our neighborhood friends. And Sunday, of course, was the big trick-or-treating event.

We had hundreds of kids come out to our neighborhood (all the kids on post know that the Field Grade Officers have the best candy) and every house in the neighborhood was participating, so it was a fun, fun night. I had probably 100 kids go past my house in the first 20 minutes alone, and by the end of the night, we had handed out 9 HUGE bags of candy, with only a handful left over.

On post, Halloween works a little different--the trick-or-treat hours are actually set by the post commander, so this year, candy was to be handed out from 6-8. At 6:00 precisely, my doorbell rang, and all I did was hand out piece after piece for 15 minutes straight--I didn't even close my door, they were just streaming up. Then I handed candy duty over to Aiden while I finished getting Aubrey into her costume.

I have this Halloween "man" that Brad's mom got me a couple of years ago that has a pumpkin-shaped candy bucket for a head and is weighted in the bottom, so he sits up on his own.  When it was time to take my kids trick-or-treating, I set him up on my doorstep, loaded with candy and sign around his neck that said "Please take 2 pieces. And remember...SANTA IS WATCHING!" Then I headed out with Aiden and Aubrey in tow.  The first house we hit, Aubrey didn't understand the concept, and when the man reached forward to put candy in her bucket, she actually put her little hand up and yelled, "No! Stop! Mine, bucket!" I laughed and showed her what he'd put inside, unwrapping the blue lollipop and giving it to her, and then it was as if a lightbulb went on and she couldn't wait to run from house to house.

Aubrey was moving too slow for Aiden's comfort, so when we ran into one of his friends and his mom, he begged to join them for some trick-or-treating, and so I sent him on his way. Aubrey and I moseyed from house to house and she charmed everyone in the neighborhood with her adorable "Twick-a-tweet!" Every time someone dropped a treat into her bucket, she would clap and dance and bounce up and down saying "YAY!" Then she would smile and say "Thank you!" before rushing on to the next house.

Her considerable cuteness led to a very full bucket in a short period of time, which was too heavy for Aubrey to carry. But when I offered to help her carry it, she would put that little hand up and say, "NO! Stop it! Mine, bucket!" and was content to drag the thing, which now weighed as much as she did, down the sidewalk. We headed back home, where I was relieved to find that the kids had not robbed me of my entire candy stash, and we continued to hand out candy for quite a while.

Aiden soon rejoined us and the sugar free-for-all commenced. After a while, Aiden was running in circles in the middle of the street screaming "I'm so hyper! I'm so hyper!" and Aubrey was laughing hysterically at nothing while unwrapping her 7th lollipop of the evening. I rounded them up and dumped them in the bathtub and after a while, they crashed from their sugar high and fell into a deep slumber.

 What and eclectic Pack?!

Aiden quickly ditched the mask to his costume. 
Will he EVER listen to me and NOT pick a costume with a mask??

 Visiting our friend, Luke, and Ms. Edel

 WOW! This sugar is AWESOME!

 Seriously, Mom, can you make everything stop spinning and get rid of that buzz in my ears?!

 Hee hee, everything is so FUNNY right now!

OK, maybe that 7th lollipop wasn't the best idea...but I'm still smiling!

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Becky said...

absolutely precious!

i love that your entire block participated.

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