Friday, October 29, 2010

A visit with Daddy

So, I am a bit late in posting this, but better late than never, right?

We had a great visit with daddy a couple of weeks ago.  The kids and I drove up to Dallas and then flew out to KS on a Thursday afternoon. The trip out was not exactly easy--trying to navigate my way from a parking garage to the ticket counter with 2 suitcases, a small bag, my carry-on/diaper bag and Aiden's backpack (which, of course, he didn't want to carry) and 2 kids. We checked our bags, then had to navigate security, which I was completely prepared for, but apparently the TSA needed to perform about 500 tests on Aubrey's sippy cup, and that took FOREVER! Then we boarded the plane and Aubrey decided that she really didn't want to sit on my lap and threw a tantrum...for 10 minutes. Screaming, shrieking, kicking...and nothing I did made her happy or made things better. I got about 500 dirty looks from all of the business me around me, but finally, she calmed down and was an angel for the rest of the flight. Luckily, Aiden was wonderful the entire time--he did his homework, charmed the lady sitting next to him, and generally took care of himself and enjoyed the flight.

When we arrived, the kids were ecstatic to see Daddy. We claimed our bags and headed out to dinner at a local Kansas City restaurant. Afterwards, we drove out to Fort Leavenworth, dropped our stuff at Brad's hotel room (which, thankfully, is a 2-bedroom), then drove over to say hello to some old friends of ours, Adam and Amanda Barlow. We have known the Barlows for many years, shared several assignments around the country with them and their children, so it was great to catch up with them. On Friday, we headed back in to Kansas City to visit Crown Center,  shopping center owned by Hallmark Co. We saw fountains that were choregraphic to music, visited to Crayola store and a really cool toy store, then ate lunch and ice cream. Afterwards, we headed back for Aubrey's nap, then spent the evening hanging with the Barlow's and making s'mores around their firepit.

Saturday we spent the day at the Red Barn Farm, which had a fantastic pumpkin patch, full of fun fall activities. We went on a horse-drawn wagon ride, the kids went on pony rides, we navigated our way through a corn maze, visited many farm animals, and ate some yummy barbecue. After our pumpkin patch adventure, we headed back for Aubrey's nap, while Aiden and Brad had some father-son time at the bowling alley and mini-golf course on post. After naps, we dropped the kids over at the Barlows', where they spent the evening playing with Maddie and Quinn under the care of a sitter while all of the grown-ups went out for some fun at the local Irish Festival. After a few beers and some Celtic music, we headed back to grab the kids and some sleep. Sunday we spent the day hanging out as a family, eating lunch at T-Rex (which is like a Rainforest Cafe, but with dinosaurs), bowling at the lanes on post and eating some famous Kansas-City-style BBQ. Monday we packed up, spent the morning cuddling in bed and watching TV, then loaded up to head home.

We really, really miss Daddy and are counting the days until he's home again.


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Becky said...

Great fall pics! I love the one of you and Aiden! Beautiful.

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