Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to the Pack, Buster!

Meet Buster, the newest member of the Parker Pack. We have thrown the idea of another dog around for a while, thinking Freckles needed a companion, but we haven't been all that certain about it. Definitely not motivated to go out looking for one. But last weekend, we went over to a friend's house for drinks and they were dog sitting for a friend. The dog, Buster, was sweet and adorable. They mentioned that the woman was going to have to drop him at the pound the next week, she was going through a divorce and unable to be home or give the time and attention he needed--she felt guilty leaving him in his kennel all day long. So, Brad and I looked at each other and both began seriously checking him out. He was sweet and gentle and laid back. He's about 6 months old, originally rescued from the pound, and thought to be a border collie/German shepherd/boxer mix. He is already potty trained, has been raised around small kids, and even knows a few simple tricks and commands. We brought him over to our house the next day and night for a "test run" and he was wonderful--he doesn't chew, he and Freckles had a blast playing together, and he was great with the kids. He even lets me trim his nails or check his teeth without a bit of fighting, and has learned the commands "come" and "stay" in one day. So today, we decided to welcome him into our Pack, and his ecstatic owner came by to say goodbye and drop off his food and things. She was sad to see him go, but content knowing that he'd found a good home with a family who would love him. Aiden is ECSTATIC about his new buddy and Aubrey has even become a fan, frequently rubbing him and saying "Good boy!" and even telling me, "Mama, he so cute!" Let's hope he continues to be the laid-back adorable puppy we've come to love these past few days.

Kind of a cruddy photo from my phone, but isn't that an adorable face?

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