Friday, May 6, 2011

Crazy kid!

Aubrey is one silly, silly gal with a penchant for costumes and drama. She likes all the princess stuff OK, but what she really likes is coming up with her own crazy combination. Like the day she wore swim goggles and a cowboy hat all morning. Or when she put on princess shoes, a police hat, and Hulk hands.  She's a sassy, spunky gal and I wouldn't trade her for anything!  Here are a few of her most recent costume changes!

Wearing a "Wolf Ninja" mask to breakfast...

"Why can't I get this sausage in my mouth??" 
She finally figured out to reach under the mask--she still wouldn't take it off.

Swim goggles. She LOVES the swim goggles.

Swim goggles + mismatched princess shoes.

She's recently started putting her doll bed on the couch, 
then climbing inside with her blanket and sippy to watch cartoons.

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