Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2011 has passed away, 2012 has come charging in, bearing plenty of promise. This is the year that Brad will return home from Afghanistan and our family will be reunited. We will move to a new home in Kansas and we'll start a new adventure there. We are planning to take the kids to Disney World in the spring, so there is plenty to look forward to in the new year.
I've decided not to make New Year's resolutions this year. They always seem so...temporary. Something you start in January and forget by February. But I am setting some personal goals and even some family goals I thought I'd share with you.

1. To develop our annual family budget and stick with it. We have always had a budget and have used mvelopes( in the past and always had great success, but recently we've abandoned it and things have gotten a little off track. This is the first priority for the year: to get things back in order.

2. To get back into blogging. I've always enjoyed blogging, but with this deployment, it has been very difficult to find the time. I've set what I think is a realistic goalan average of one post per weekso hopefully things will get back rolling once again.

3. To carve out time for regular exercise. It isn't because I'm trying to lose weight, or because I'm somehow wanting to become the next wonder woman. And I'm plenty active enough during the week running after two kids and maintaining a household. But to help with the stress and maintain my sanity, I've decided I need to set aside time for an exercise class or gym session or even a relaxing solo walk twice a week. This will be the most challenging goal for me to keep. Time is a precious commodity that I have trouble spending on myself.

So those are my goals. Nothing major, nothing outlandish. But all things that need to be done. Hopefully, I'll be able to report back next year that I've accomplished all of these goals.

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