Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sleepover for Six

Aiden's birthday is coming up on Monday, so we celebrated with a sleepover with 5 of his friends last night. It was utter CHAOS, but the boys had a blast. We started the night off with some Just Dance for Wii and a few other games, then ate pizza, and frosted and decorated our own superhero cupcakes and scarfed them down. After cake, Aiden opened his presents and since he received multiple Nerf guns, they just HAD to have a Nerf war! Then they jumped on the trampoline (which became a wrestling ring) until they were worn out and I brought them all in to put on PJ's. Then we spread out blankets, popped popcorn and watched The Goonies, which none of the boys had seen--they all LOVED it! After that, it was upstairs to camp out on Aiden's bedroom floor, where they spent the next hour goofing off and acting crazy (which meant I spent the next hour rushing up the stairs and threatening them with their lives if they woke up Aubrey). FINALLY they fell asleep around 11:00--and I got to tackle the gigantic mess!

The next morning, I made french toast and bacon and eggs for everyone while they played Wii and jumped on the trampoline. Then I packed 'em up and shipped 'em off (which meant they all dropped their stuff in their respective homes, all on our block, and then ran back to play). At least I was able to kick them outside and straighten things up a bit before Aiden's great-grandparents arrived for a visit. A hectic couple of days, but worth every bit of the hassle for the fun Aiden had.  He was all smiles, surrounded by his buddies and doing some of his favorite things. I'm glad we did it--I'm just happy that next year, Brad will be home to help!!

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