Sunday, March 18, 2012

Falling behind...again

Big surprise--the blog has fallen behind. It has been a rough week: ER visit for mom, spring break, traveling with the kids, tearing out the garden and restoring the backyard, chores, chores and more chores. Volunteers quitting on me at church and with Cub Scouts, leaving me in a lurch and scrambling to cover. I'm tired and worn out and hoping to hop back on the blogging bandwagon soon.

The GOOD NEWS: the "Forget the Frock, Feed the Orphans" movement started by my friend, Emily Fox, and that I blogged about last week has really picked up momentum. We've got like 7 church congregations and people all over the country who are joining in on the challenge--amazing how many tummies will be fed! I'm so encouraged by what the Holy Spirit is doing in the hearts and minds of people all over this country--I hope that the movement continues to grow and that Easter Sunday, I'll see people sporting their orphan tees all over the place. How amazing would that be--knowing that for each shirt, a child was fed for a month?!If you haven't bought your shirt yet, there is still plenty of time! Feeding the Orphans is getting shirts out quickly--I got mine less than a week from the day I ordered. Visit the website and GET YOUR SHIRT! An orphan somewhere in Ghana will thank you!

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