Saturday, March 3, 2012

Word of the day: Craptastic

Craptastic. That's the only word to describe the day I'm having. Woke up sick, my throat hurts and I'm super hoarse. Aiden had a basketball game at 8:30, so my day started early at 7--which is bad enough on a Saturday! Last night I spent an hour searching downstairs for Aiden's basketball shorts without ever finding them. He was in bed, so I figured they must have been in his room, gave up the search, and went to bed. Wrong! I spent 45 minutes tearing his room apart, then the rest of the house, before I finally found them...stuffed behind the door leading from the kitchen to the storage room. The entire time I am searching, Aubrey is whining about watching TV and Aiden is whining, "When are you going to make me breakfast?"

I finally get him, Aubrey and I dressed and in the car, where I hand out a breakfast of granola bars and bananas (no time to cook since I was searching). Aubrey throws a tantrum about watching a movie in the car and keeps shoving my hands away while I try to buckle her in: "I do it!!!" We speed out the gate to the youth center and arrive just in the nick of time. I spend the game trying to keep Aubrey happy and occupied while still trying to watch the game AND videotape it for Brad. At some point, while sitting right by me, Aubrey falls backwards off the bleachers and hits her head on the row of seats behind her--I get chewed out by the rec center staff for "letting her fall." Seriously?? It's not like I was letting her jump up and down--she was just sitting there when she fell over!

During the game Aubrey has to make 2 bathroom runs. Here I am, rushing back and forth, speed-wiping her hiney and trying to get back to videotaping, and of course, I miss a good bit of Aiden playing. She whines, asks me 50 questions and keeps putting her face in mine or in front of the camera while I'm trying to record the LAST game of the season (I haven't managed to record a single game for Brad all season long). After the game, I try to get Aiden's picture with his trophy and his best bud, Matthew, to send to Brad--they goof off, run around and ignore my requests. My blood pressure inches higher.

I try to take the kids to breakfast to celebrate Aiden's last game and a great season. The kids fight over a book the entire car ride over to Cracker Barrel. Aiden is so busy fighting his sis, he ends up getting car sick. As soon as we pull in, he turns green, tells me he feels sick, and pukes into the barf bag I thrust at him. Finally, he starts feeling better, so we go inside the restuarant. Of course, by now, there is a 30 minute wait. Against my better judgment, we stay and walk around the crowded store. Aubrey touches everything while I strain my voice to tell her no and remind her to just look...about 500 times. She yanks away from me and refuses to hold my hand. I get onto her, Aiden wanders off. I catch up with him...then she pulls away from me again and starts touching things.

Finally, our table is ready and we go sit down to order. Aubrey has a spring in her butt and won't sit in her seat. Aiden takes the peg game off the table and turns it into some sort of alien spaceship and I keep having to tell him to make his sound effects a bit quieter. Aubrey drops her pegs on the floor--20 times. One of the 20 times I get up to pick them up, the table of kids next to me throws their pegs at me. My blood pressure is positively boiling at this point.

The food arrives and Aubrey plays with hers and refuses to eat. I ask her 50 times to eat, remind her that if she doesn't eat now, she'll be hungry. She tells me she's done. Aiden plays with the sign on the table, pops the insert out--I fix it, tell him not to touch it again--and he immediately touches it. I develop a twitch in my eye from trying not to scream or beat him in the middle of the restaurant.

Everything is moving slowly, so now we are running out of time before we have to drop Aiden off for a birthday outing at the movie theater with his friend (so its not like we can be late!). I gather the kids up, who have assured me they are finished, and get in line to pay. They each touch 20 more things, while I pull their hands away. The cashier asks me if I "want a Moon Pie for 99 cents?"--Aiden starts asking, which Aubrey copies (even though she hasn't a clue what a Moon Pie is), I say no, and they both pout. I finally get us paid, out the door, and to the car--and they start bickering. AGAIN. Over the same stupid book. And then Aubrey asks for a snack and tells me she's hungry. WE ARE STILL IN THE PARKING LOT OF THE RESTAURANT WHERE I JUST PAID FOR HER TO NOT EAT HER FOOD! AUGH!!!

We get home and I send Aiden upstairs to change clothes while I throw the birthday boy's gift into a gift bag. Aiden gives me attitude, I am ready to explode, since I've spent the morning rushing around for him and he acts put out because he has to dress himself. Aubrey asks to watch My Little Pony on TV and I remind her (for the 10th time today) that she can't watch it today because that privilege was taken away after she whacked her friend last night with a toy and refused to apologize. She melts down into a puddle of whining goo on the floor next to my feet.

Finally, I got Aiden off to his movie. If it hadn't been for the fact that the birthday boy was only taking Aiden on his birthday adventure, I would have never let Aiden go today--but I didn't think it would be fair to ruin the kids birthday plans because Aiden was being a brat. Aubrey has just had 3 meltdowns over the TV, my patience has worn thin, so we are both off to take a nap. Pretty sad that by 12:30, I'm already ready to throw in the towel.

I am so exhausted and completely spent from this deployment. Because Brad was away most of last year for school and TDY, I have spent almost two whole school years and a summer break as single parent. I'm tired and cranky and just don't have much left in me, especially on days like today, when I'm sick and exhausted and don't feel like doing anything other than sleeping. I can't wait for my husband to be home and to have parental backup again.

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