Friday, November 9, 2012

Month of Thanks: Day 9

Aiden and I had a breakfast date today--Aubrey's church preschool was open, but Aiden's public school was closed for the holiday weekend, so we enjoyed the time alone over stacks of pancakes and cups of coffee. Yes, cupS of coffee--Aiden was thrilled I allowed him to order a cup (decaf, of course). After he loaded in about 15 half-n-halfs and 3 packets of sugar, we toasted to our morning together. After breakfast, we headed out to buy my growing boy new jeans and shoes (in the last week, his pants suddenly became too short and his shoes all too tight). It wasn't an earth-shatteringly exciting morning, but it was nice. It was my son opening my car door for me and holding my hand. It was me pulling him to me for a hug and ruffling his hair as he chattered away about Star Wars, imaginary battle scenarios (What if a pack of wolves attacked us and we only had a shovel??), and confided in me that he thought Ava, a girl in his class, was cute. We were just together. I didn't have my cell phone out. He wasn't looking at a book or playing his DS. We were together, both present in the moment, and just loving each other. And I'm incredibly grateful for that.

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