Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bringing in the New Year

So, the best laid plans....

In November, I had grand plans of blogging daily. Heck, I was making great progress. Then Thanksgiving rolled around, my mom and grandma came to visit, and because she enjoyed Kansas so grandma fell, broke her hip, and decided to stick around for three weeks.


My grandma lives in Oklahoma City, along with a whole host of kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. But, as life would have it, she fell and broke her hip when visiting little ol' me. Sooooo, the next three weeks were a blur of hospital rooms, doctors and nurses, and really crappy food. My aunt was able to come up and stay with me, so there were two of us to help grandma and keep her company. Somewhere in all that time, I managed to get both my and my grandmother's Christmas shopping completed, gifts wrapped, and sent home with her the week of Christmas. Whew!

The time was hectic and I spent most of the month sleep deprived. But...I wouldn't trade a minute of the time I got with my grandma. Living so far away, we don't get that kind of time very often, and I cherished each and every minute. Granted, we were in a hospital or rehab facility, she was in pain and crabby, there were bedpans involved, and I kept waiting for her to throw something at me when I nagged her about doing her exercises. But we had REAL time together. In the trenches. Loving each other when it was easy and when it was tough. And I'm incredibly grateful for it (just wish it hadn't been so physically painful for her!).

Anyhow, a few days after she went home, I followed her to Oklahoma for the annual family Christmas Eve celebration and to stay for a few more days to help out and visit. We returned home the day after Christmas Day...and Brad's parents and brother and his wife arrived the day after. The next day, I was skiing with the family in Missouri (just a short 30-minute drive from my house), and then it was New Year's--and the first time my houe had been devoid of a guest in the basement room in over a month and a half. WHEW!

Well, now that I've had a few drug-induced nights of HEAVY slumber and an opportunity to breathe, I'm ready to tackle 2013 and all it will bring. Ballet classes and basketball, homeroom mom duty at Valentine's Day, swim lessons and a ballet recital. A big move to Hawaii, then new homes, schools, jobs and friends.

I've also decided to set a couple of personal goals for the year, including taking some photography courses online and completing a photo-a-day project, which I'm posting here on our now blog The Parker Pack in Pictures.

And somewhere, in all of that, I'll TRY to blog. I promise. Really.

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