Monday, February 11, 2013

Forget the Frock, Feed an Orphan!

Remember last year, when I began bombarding my blog and your Facebook newsfeed with messages to "Dress with a purpose!" and "Forget the Frock!"  (Missed it? Read about it here) Well, Easter is around the bend, soooo....

Won't you join me this year? Here's the thing. You can buy one shirt from Feeding the Orphans and your money can feed a child for a month. A MONTH! Or you could help drill a water well so that an entire village will have clean drinking water and young ladies can attend school since they no longer have to walk 5 or 10 miles each day to fetch water for their family. Your money might provide a job with a fair wage to a widow who would have to give up her beloved children otherwise. Maybe your money will be used to send an underpriviledged kid here in the U.S. to a camp this summer. These are all part of the mission of Feeding the Orphans, a non-profit started by a 10-year-old girl with a goal of raising $500 for orphans...and that now has far surpassed that goal and has become the sole mission for her ENTIRE FAMILY.

Thousands have been helped, one t-shirt at a time. So, whaddaya waiting for?? Go buy a shirt already! Get your church, your book club, your playgroup on board. Spread the word. BE THE CHURCH! Then wear your shirt with pride on Easter, telling everyone that asks about the cause you are supporting!

Maybe orphans aren't your thing. OK. Find a worthy cause. Widows. Victims of sex trafficking. Wounded warriors. Buy a shirt to support the cause and wear it Easter Sunday. FTO is an awesome charity that I know and trust, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of others out there. The point isn't so much which worthy cause you support, the point is to DRESS WITH A PURPOSE THIS EASTER!

Please join me! I'd love to see you comment here if you decide to take the challenge. Share this on Facebook. Twitter to your heart's content. Get the word out and join in!

Wanna read more? Check out Emily, the founder of this challenge.

Or how about these families, who accepted our challenge last year:

Or here's a news story about a woman who accepted the challenge and convinced her church to join in.


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