Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!!

The Parker Pack has been on the move! We had our first visitors from the mainland, the Heatherly family, just last week. It was a whirlwind 8 days that had us traveling all over the island, but we had such a great time. We've also had homeschool field trips, family days exploring the island, and all sorts of events in between. Here's a collection of photographs from the past 2 months--enjoy!
Pumpkin Patch with the local homeschool co-op

Just one of the amazing vistas on this island

And another....

Hiking MakapuĂș Point

MakapuĂș Lighthouse

We took this hike at sunset--it was a real treat to see the lighthouse glowing at dusk.
Can you tell Aubrey was happy to see her BFF?

Diamond Head crater from the water, just before boarding our submarine
Under water, on board the Atlantis submarine

Look, a sea turtle! The ship awoke him from a snooze.

Off he goes.... 

 The Mamas, soaking up the sun.

My kiddos before the luau. They actually appear to love each other here.

 Aubrey sporting her flower headband she helped to make.

 Fishermen bringing in the nets from aboard the outrigger canoe

The pro at the luau, blowing a conch.
The next day, Chris had to give it a try (he managed to do it!).

Chris and I on stage with our little Divas. They wanted to hula on stage--we were "elected" to chaperone.

Brad says I am checking out the guys butt in this. I wasn't--I was trying to not make a fool of myself while dancing. And Chris is definitely checking him out more than I am.

A whole lot of rump-shaking at that luau. By the way--pre-pubescent boy at a luau is...interesting. A girl came out wearing a coconut bra. Aiden asks: "Are those coconuts?"A moment later, she was joined onstage by another dancer. "Those are much bigger coconuts!"

At one point, Aubrey and Ireland were selected to go on-stage and dance. Aubrey shook her hiney and danced like her life depended on it--she had the entire crowd laughing and cheering.

A "painted tree." (It's actually in the eucalyptus family). Their bark is like a rainbow, so beautiful. This was taken at Waimea Valley.

The two little ladies, pretending to be natives.
The big attraction in Waimea Valley: swimming in the waterfall. We had to sneak a smooch in.

Happy Birthday, Ireland! We got to celebrate the big 5 together.

Bellows beach, we set up camp on a piece of land that straddled the ocean and a lagoon--perfect place for the kids to play, with waves on one side and calm waters on the other.

Awesome boogie boarding waves that made for LONG rides.

Even Aubrey tried, with a little help from Daddy.

At the Oahu Night Market Saturday night--food truck heaven. I snapped this while Aubrey watched belly dancers perform. I love that my husband was much more interested in watching his princess than the massive display of undulating skin on stage.

Snorkeling in Hidden Lagoon. We had this tropical oasis to ourselves most of the day.
We saw probably six or eight sea turtles that day. Some napped on the beach, others swam with us in the water. One poked his head up to say hello to Aubrey, inches from her face--he was so close, he spat water in her face when he exhaled.

The Valor in the Pacific National Monument. A somber experience.
Battleship row--the Arizona memorial, the remains of what marked our entry in to WWII, and the Missouri, upon whose decks the peace treaty was signed between the US and Japanese.  

While at the monument, the kids completed the National Park Service's Junior Ranger program. This was Aiden and Aubrey's second badges, Ireland's first. A GREAT program--keeps the kids interested and entertained at an otherwise-adult-oriented monument.


We also checked out the U.S.S. Missouri. Aiden and Chris got a private tour of the ship--the gals were only interested in seeing where the sailors slept, ate, and brushed their teeth. Molly and I easily toured them around those facilities.


And now, a few gratuitous pictures of my lovely family:


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